Framework agreement concerning the delivery of a data science public Cloud Platform to The Municipality of Copenhagen


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6/22/2022 9:14 AM (GMT+02:00)
7/18/2022 1:00 PM (GMT+02:00)


Københavns Kommune Københavns Kommune
Økonomiforvaltningen Økonomiforvaltningen
Orion Shanti Dalsgaard Madsen Orion Shanti Dalsgaard Madsen
Borups Allé 177
2400 København NV

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Short description

The Municipality of Copenhagen (the Contracting Authority) hereby requests that interested tenderers submit a tender for a framework agreement concerning the supply of a data science public Cloud Platform.

At The Municipality of Copenhagen, IT is managed centrally under the The Finance Administration (Økonomiforvaltningen) in a department called Koncern IT. The Data Science Team is part of Koncern IT. The Data Science Team supports the Municipality’s seven administrations in relation to new technologies within data processing, data analysis and machine learning.
The Contracting Authority require a public Cloud Platform which will make it possible to train machine learning models on memory-heavy and GPU-heavy machines, which may be scaled up and down depending on need. A public Cloud Platform will also make it possible to exhibit containerised REST APIs and web applications to the users in a robust and scalable manner supporting DevOps' vision with infrastructure-as-code.

The Contracting Authority therefore wishes to acquire a user-friendly, data-secure, reliable and low-cost public Cloud Platform.

Business Goals and Requirements

In order to carry out its core tasks, the contracting authority needs to have access to a public Cloud Platform that is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Schrems II Judgement at all times. This Cloud Platform furthermore must be able to provide a number of Services at a competitive price. In the following subsections requirements to the platform will be described. 

About the Requirements Specification

Requirements to the Cloud Platform are divided into organizational, functional, and other requirements:

  • Organizational Requirements
    • These describe topics such as ownership, compliance, confidentiality, support, processes for quality assurance, certifications as well as the utilization of green energy. 
    • Functional Requirements 
      • These describe which Services the Cloud Platform must offer to be taken into consideration including for example, but not limited to, compute, data storage, encryption and authentication.
    • Other Requirements
      • These describe requirements that do not fit into either of the two other categories.

Files (click "Show interest" to get access)

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Appendix 0 - Definitions.pdf 135 KB
Appendix 1 - Specification of requirements.docx 138 KB
Appendix 1a - Assortment of Services offered by the Supplier.xlsx 38 KB
Appendix 3 - Data Processing Agreement.docx 127 KB
Appendix 4 - The Municipality of Copenhagen CSR rules.pdf 112 KB
Appendix 5 - The Municipality of Copenhagens Labor Clause.pdf 93 KB
Appendix 6 - Declaration of confidentiality for external cooperation partners.pdf 130 KB
Appendix X - Representative section of the Services offered.pdf 164 KB
Document A - Framework Agreement.pdf 284 KB
Appendix 2 - License conditions and the Supplier's license terms.docx 50 KB
Tender document.pdf 330 KB

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