Automated freezer storage units for Oslo University Hospital HF (OUS)


5/4/2022 12:01 PM (GMT+02:00)
6/17/2022 11:59 PM (GMT+02:00)


Anna Electra Farsund Achram Anna Electra Farsund Achram
Postboks 40
Tollbugata 7

9811 VADSØ

Short description

The purpose of the procurement is to establish a joint biobank for Newborn Screening and research in the area available in Forskningsveien 2 A (address), plan U1 at Oslo University Hospital HF.

The procurement shall include automated -20°C freezer storage unit for filter cards containing human blood with a robot system which includes picking robot (part I) and an option for -80°C freezer storage unit for microtubes containing human blood, tissue, and other biobank materials (part II). Furthermore, costs related to licenses, software, interfaces to other applications, monitoring of the storage units, service agreements, etc. shall also be included in the purchase.

This is the second step in a two-step tender. If you want to see the qualification step and access qualification documents, please follow this link: Automatiske lagringsenheter (biobank) for Oslo Universitetssykehus HF (OUS)

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