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7/7/2021 3:34 PM (GMT+02:00)


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Yle's current video management systems have been implemented in 2007-2015. During this period, the number of Yle employees working with video material has multiplied, as several other content creators have started working on videos. The needs of users have also changed in recent years: the speed of video processing and editing, ease of use of systems and the variety of publishing platforms have been significantly emphasized. In the future, even more content creators will work with videos, and the number of published short videos will continue to increase. In order to improve the user experience and to find appropriate tools, Yle invites tenderers for the News video management systems. Yle is looking for agile partners that can adapt rapidly changing user needs, and for whom the user experience is a strong guiding principle for system development. The supplier is required to provide at least one reference from the News area from a 24/7 production-based system. The supplier must have experience in building cloud-based solutions and API solutions as well as centralised user management. The objective of the procurement is (all or some of the following): — a centralized production platform for processing, viewing and editing a recorded video that, at the very least, allows for, — the file-based transfer of media and the saving of live feeds into the processing environment, — collaboration tools that allow for the simultaneous handling of the material by several persons, without duplicating the material, — easy to use browser-based video processing capabilities and workflows that enable toggling between mobile devices and workstation, — light sound and colour post-processing tools, with AI assistance where possible, — utilization of template-based graphics and the opportunity to produce the necessary templates by Yle, — processing the formats of video material in accordance with the most popular social media platforms and making image ratio conversions that support their publication (currently 1:1, 19/6 and 16/9), — ability to view, process, and publish a growing file in real time, — integration services (including the construction of integrations to and from the surrounding systems), — maintenance services as SaaS or PaaS, — continuous development, — necessary expert services, — collaboration tool (possibly). The current production system has a total of 1100 users authorised for different roles. There are an estimated 250 simultaneous users. Preliminarily, the implementation is planned to start in August 2022

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