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HKL is replacing its high-floor trams built in 70´s and 80´s and purchasing new LRV-vehicles for extending the Light Rail network in Helsinki region. The Subject Matter of the planned procurement is currently as follows. — there will be approximately 50 trams to be operated in Helsinki downtown network and to be delivered during years 2028-2034 (prototype delivered in 2026), — in addition, there is a plan to procure 16-60 light rail vehicles, to be operated partly in new light rail network and partly in the existing downtown network. Deliveries of the Light Rail vehicles would take place in years 2027-2034 (prototype delivered in 2025). The objective is to purchase low floor trams that will perform without any restrictions in the demanding infrastructure and climatic conditions of Helsinki. The Contracting Entity considers that the following preliminary list of demands and facts must be respected in the planned procurement: • vehicles must be shorter than 30 m (downtown) and 45 (LRV); • vehicle must have low-floor aisle with shallow ramps trough the vehicle; • different user groups including different disabilities must be respected; • large multi-functional area for prams, wheel-chairs etc. must be provided; • offered vehicle(s) and applied technology must be based on proven solutions; • freely moving (8+ degrees) pivoting bogies and conventional wheel sets must be provided as primary solution; • bonding is not allowed in components carrying load or regularly changed; • no modifications for existing gauge, infra-structure or facilities are accepted but Helsinki geographies and climatic conditions must be respected: — downtown network includes many low-groove crossings, combinations of horizontal and vertical curves and curves with short or no compensations, — ambient temperature in Helsinki is between -35C and +35C, typically cycling around zero degrees causing icing between components and structures. • separate HVAC must be provided for passenger room and driver’s cabins; • floor heating must be provided to passenger room to avoid floor icing; • heated spaces of the tram shall be properly insulated, including the driver’s cabin; • targeted vehicle lifespan is 40 years. 30 years lifespan might be discussed if total LCC will be significantly lower. Promised vehicle lifespan must be proved, and all needed services and part availability guaranteed; • HKL principle of ethicality and sustainability of the supply chain must be respected. Products or services prohibited, restricted or banned in EU cannot be used. The procurement of the new vehicles is expected to be based on total LCC-costs, including but not limited, to vehicle-price, energy consumption, maintenance costs and track/wheel wear. In addition to purchasing the tram fleet, HKL is willing to discuss the maintenance service contract (to fulfill maintenance program) and tram maintenance as an option or other contractual structure.

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