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NOTE! This notice is not a call for tender but a request for information for market dialogue according to section 69 of the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts for entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors 1398/2016.

The market dialogue does not bind the participating suppliers to submit a tender and, on the other hand, non-participation in the market dialogue does not affect any participation in the tender. No compensation will be paid to suppliers for participating in the market dialogue.


Helsinki City Transport (HKL) is planning to renew its current point control system. The main motivations for this project are to:

- Update the system to match with the latest safety regulations
- Enable higher maximum speed in the future (currently 10km/h)

The number of point control systems to be renewed is approximately 100 and the timeline for the renewal approximately 5 to 10 years.

For the purpose of better understanding of the available products / systems, HKL would like to request the suppliers to provide a technical product presentation, including the following aspects:
- Communication onboard unit
- Communication track unit
- Track equipment (track circuits, detectors, rail boxes etc.)
- Signalling system
- Communication interface
- Monitoring system

It would be of interest to further discuss about the different vehicle detection methods, safety considerations, battery backup unit, fault conditions and user interface, as well as the following specific questions:

- Positioning of the communication track unit; can it locate in the vicinity of a tram platform, and are there in general any limitations regarding the location?

- Are there any possible sources of disturbances that might affect the propoer operation and communication of point control system that should be take into consideration?

- Compatibility between point control system parts (e.g communication onboard unit and the rest of the system) from different suppliers?

In summary, the objective is to discuss with the suppliers regarding the overall system operation and communication including the above mentioned system parts.

HKL will arrange market dialogue meetings later in 2021 with the interested suppliers.

Interested suppliers are invited to reply to this notice with a technical product presentation of the products / systems offered and to answer the specified questions.

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