Sustainable WASH for All (SUSWA) Nepal, Implementation Phase


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Short description

The Unit for South Asia (hereinafter referred to as “Contracting Authority”) calls for this Invitation to Tender (ITT) with a purpose of requesting tenders on Technical Assistance service for the Implementation of Sustainable WASH for All in Nepal (SUSWA, hereinafter the Programme). Please see Annex 1, Project Document, for more detailed description of the purpose of the contract (hereinafter referred to as "the Services").

The Programme will be implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Water Supply of Nepal (MoWS) and its Departament of Water Supply and Sewerage Management (DWSSM). At the local level, cooperation will be coordinated and implemented with the municipalities.

Suggested timeframe for the assignment:
- Tender period open from 8 June 2021 to 23 August 2021
- Questions and answers: questions to be submitted by 5 July 2021 9:00 local time in Finland, answers within a week
- An individual information session with Er. Narayan Prasad Acharya, Senior Divisional Engineer, Section Chief, WQISRS/ DWSSM can be organized for each tenderer, please see Additional information for further details.
- Interviews: First week of September, 2021
- Start of the assignment: contracting starting after 2 week period for appeal has ended
All times are indicated local time in Finland (UTC+3).

Information on the other bilateral WASH projects in Nepal can be found on the following websites:

Geographical area: Nepal (Karnali Province)

Total grant by Finnish Government: EUR 9 000 000, out of which the maximum value of the contract is EUR 2 790 000 (including fees and reimbursable costs, excluding VAT)

The maximum amount of Running costs to be channeled through the consultant EUR 880 000 and maximum amount of Capacity Building costs EUR 380 000. The maximum amount of Establishment costs to be channeled through the Consultant EUR 330 000. The maximum value of the option is EUR 2 000 000. The total amount of channeled funds is therefore six million three hundred eighty thousand (6 380 000) euros.

Total contribution of the Government of the Nepal:
The Government of Nepal shall cover the costs, amounting approximately EUR 5 000 000. In addition, the participating Project Municipalities will contribute approximately EUR 5 000 000 and the Users EUR 2 000 000 to the implementation of the Project.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs asks all potential tenderers to pay attention to the fact that the interviews with the appointed experts (Home Office Coordinator, Chief Technical Adviser and Monitoring and Evaluation / Coordination Specialist) will influence the comparison of tenders and the final result of the procurement procedure. The tender documents include a full list of the minimum requirements set for the appointed experts in respect of education, work experience and completed consultation and/or expert services as well as factors influencing the quality comparison. The appointed experts will be interviewed as part of the procurement procedure as specified in the tender documents, which means that the experts’ answers will influence the quality score obtained by the tenderer.

Should several tenderers have appointed the same expert for their tender, tenderers remain responsible for making an agreement on how they will possibly protect their own trade secrets or ensure the effective availability of the appointed expert resource during the contract period if one appointed expert was working for several different tenderers. Additionally, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs requires that the expert commits to confidentiality as regards the content of the interviews. To promote the equal and non-discriminatory treatment of tenderers, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs also tries to schedule the interviews of these tenderers on the same day.

The contract will be awarded through an open procedure. The procurement will take place in compliance with the Act on Public Contracts and Concession Contracts (1397/2016). The contract concerns a service procurement exceeding EU threshold which is based on a development cooperation agreement between the contracting authority and the partner country (on grounds 8 § paragraph 2 of the Act on Public Contracts and Concession Contracts 1397/2016 the procurement will be conducted through National Procedures).

The processing of Tenders will progress in the following steps:
1. Opening of the tenders
2. Verifying the suitability of the tenderers. The tenderers who do not fulfill the suitability criteria will be excluded from the tendering process.
3. Verifying that the tenders and the services tendered fulfill the requirements of the Invitation to tender. The tenders that do not fulfill the requirements will be excluded from the tendering process.
4. Evaluation of tenders:
a. Evaluation of technical tender
b. Tender Interview
c. Price comparison

Evaluation will be made in two parts: preliminary evaluation will only involve the reference forms for experts (Annex 3A-C) and the Approach. Tenderers are invited to participate in the Interview based on their references and Approach score. Four highest-scoring tenders are accepted. If two or more tenders have the same score, the tender with the lower price takes precedence. If two or more tenders have the same score and price, both tenderers will be interviewed. The final quality score is calculated by adding up the points awarded for 1) References, 2) Approach and
3) Interview. The winning tender is determined by the quality and price score. See "Procurement Object Criteria" for further information.

5. Verifying the supporting documents and references about the suitability of the tenderer from the winner.
6. Contract award decision and notification
7. Appeal period two (2) weeks from the notification
8. Concluding and signing the Contract with the selected service provider.

The Contracting Authority may wholly or partially interrupt the procurement procedure for a justified reason. The signing of the contract with the selected Tenderer and the commencement and continuation of the implementation of the Programme are subject to the intergovernmental agreement on the project being in force. No compensation will be payable to tenderers for preparing a tender, resending it or otherwise taking part in the procedure. The tender documents are available in English language and the tender shall also be submitted in English language. Should the tenderer wish to obtain the tender documents in another language, they shall themselves arrange for their translation and bear the costs thus incurred. The Contracting Authority selects one (1) service provider and concludes a contract
with that service provider. The amount of Services to be supplied is an estimate and does not form an obligation for the Contracting Authority to buy that amount of Services. The contract does not give an exclusive right to the service provider to supply the Contracting Authority.

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