Fingerprint Imaging Workstation


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6/4/2021 9:21 AM (GMT+02:00)


National Police Board of Finland National Police Board of Finland

Short description

National Police Board of Finland is planning to acquire a complete solution for imaging fingerprints from the crime scene samples with a full frame digital SLR camera capable of receiving light in UV-A (350-380 nm), visible light and IR (up to 1 000 nm) wavelength range (hereinafter the system). The system must be able to control the wavelength of light, filtering and camera with appropriate software that stores log data of enhancements. The system must have a programmatic ability to remove background pattern and separate overlap fingerprints. The system must be able to produce a 2D image of a fingerprint on highly curved surfaces. The system must work without a network connection. The system must have the next features: — camera and light sources must be operated by software, — the system must include a computer, which must meet at least the following requirements: i7 equivalent, 8GB RAM, 4TB SATA HDD, 512GB SSD, 512MB Graphics card, — the system must have image authentication, protected master copy and working copy for enhancements, — the system must provide interactive guidance and have photographic and chemical treatment library, — option for updates must be included, — the system must have 4k monitor, — the system must have enhancement tools for removing background patterns, — the system must have enhancement tools for separating overlap fingerprints, — the system must have light sources between 350 — 1 000 nm, — the system must have lightning with back light, flexible fibre light, ringlight, dark field ringlight, linear light and coaxial light box, — the system light sources are LED and halogen lights, — the system must have a continuous filtered light source (bandpass light source) offering 400-1 000 nm illumination with minimum 1 nm providing 600 wavebands, — the system must have full frame CMOS sensor camera. Camera must be modified to transmit from UV (365 nm) to IR (1 000 nm), — the system must provide live image preview in Reflected UV, Visible and IR modes, — the system must have UV-pass filter, — the system must have multiple visible light filters, — the system must have multiple IR filters, — the system must have quartz lens for ref UV (365 nm) photography, — the system must have tilt/shift lens (macro), — the system must have macro lens, — the system must have device and software for fingerprint photography on cylindrical surfaces, — basic training at end user must be included, — advanced training at end user must be included, — customer service in Finnish must be provided. See section II.1.4) ‘Short Description’.

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