Framework Agreement for Support, Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Sector Investment Facility (PIF) and Concessional Credit Projects


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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (hereinafter referred also as ‘MFA’, ‘Contracting Authority’ or ‘Customer’) request tenders for providing support, assessment, monitoring and evaluation service. The object is to have a Framework Agreement for Support, Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Sector Investment Facility (PIF) and Concessional Credit Projects Financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Finland. The purpose of the Contract/Framework Agreement is to offer consultancy services for the MFA to support the implementation of the PIF and Concessional Credit Projects. The Framework Agreement will cover consultancy assignments in the following areas: 1) Support for the preparation of the Project Document, including ESIA; 2) Appraisals of project documents; 3) Procurement support and due diligence of the procurement process; 4) Monitoring project implementation; and 5) End of project evaluations. In addition to the previous, the MFA may also assign other particular tasks to the framework consultants related to the support, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of concessional credit or PIF projects. Please refer to Annex 1 Service description for more detailed description of the object, purpose and content of the contract. The maximum value of the contract is EUR 4 800 000 (VAT excluded). The procurement is divided into three sections. The tenderer may offer services for one or more of the following sectors: 1) Environmental Sector; 2) Infrastructure Sector; and 3) Social Services Sector. Services offered for these sectors must also include services of development experts (consultants with expertise in economic, social and environmental issues, including human rights). Variants are not acceptable. Customer will select three (3) service providers to be included in each of the three sectors above to be in the Framework Agreement, and from which separate assignment will be ordered. The functioning of the framework agreement is described in the sectors. The contract period is 4 years. The contract period starts from the signing of the contract. The contract will be awarded through an open procedure. The contract concerns a service procurement exceeding EU threshold. The procurement will take place in compliance with the Act on Public Contracts (1397/2016). Any Tenderer may bid independently or use sub-contractors. Group of Tenderers may also form a consortium. In such a case, all members of consortium are juridically and economically responsible for the services and all members must fill in the ESPD form. In case of a consortium, one member shall be nominated as the Lead Company coordinating the tender and representing the Consortium in contractual terms. In the event that none of the tenders received meet the requirements of the Invitation to Tender as intended by the Customer, or in the event that the conditions during the competitive bidding process change so that the customer will be unable to make use of the results of the bidding, the customer may wholly or partially interrupt the procurement procedure. No compensation will be payable to tenderers for preparing a tender, presenting it or otherwise taking part in the procedure. The tender documents are available in English language excluding the security documents that are available in Finnish language. Should the tenderer wish to obtain the tender documents in another language, they shall themselves arrange for their translation and bear the costs thus incurred.

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