16/27/2020 Request for Information (Market Consultation): Destination e-Training and Online Meet the Byer-tool


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Business Finland is the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment, and travel promotion organisation, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with 40 offices around the world. Visit Finland is part of Business Finland and funded by the government. Visit Finland promotes Finland globally as a travel destination and supports the travel industry in developing and marketing travel services for international markets. Visit Finland cooperates with travel destination regions, businesses in the travel industry and other export promoters and embassies. With this request for information (market consultation) Business Finland is seeking information on service providers interested in delivering destination e-training and online meet the buyer tool.

Preliminary scope: Visit Finland is planning to implement destination e-training and online meet the buyer tool for global use​. Target users would be international tour operators and travel agents​. Both destination e-training and online meet the buyer solutions would also aim to promote Finland as an attractive travel destination. Destination e-training part would be targeted for international tour operators and travel agents. ​It would consists of different modules showcasing and educating users about destination Finland on inspiring and interactive way. ​Online meet the buyer part would aim to support both suppliers and buyers in establishing and in maintaining close business connections​. Online meet the buyer tool should enable at least virtual display booth for participating suppliers and one to one meeting possibilities. According to current plans we would be looking for a Saas solution and the aim would be to find a service provider who could provide both solutions. User reporting and dashboards would be essential functionality of the platform. Targeted launch of the tool would be Q1 2021, so the service provider should preferably have the solution available and currently in use for reference clients in travel industry (e.g. national tourism board, tour operators and travel agents). The destination e-training solution would be mobile scalable and support number of language versions. Online meet the buyer solution should support number of language versions and scope would be global. It is possible that the use of the similar concept might be expanded to cover also other Business Finland industries. Please note! This document serves as a Prior Information Notice. All the information provided in this Prior Information Notice is preliminary and indicative prior information.

Interested service providers are kindly requested to register to kilpailutus@businessfinland.fi, preferably by 11 September, 2020. Please send the full name of your company and its contact person, including the person's e-mail address. Please write into the subject field of the email ‘Destination e-training and online meet the buyer-tool, RFI'. Business Finland reserves the right to invite or not to invite suppliers for further meetings regarding this RFI. Business Finland may request comments concerning the preliminary call for tenders from those who answer to the RFI. The documents will be sent by email. Business Finland may also arrange teams-meetings with the interested suppliers. Business Finland will not pay any expenses related to this Prior Information Notice. This Prior Information Notice (Request for Information) does not bind Business Finland to make any procurement based on this request. Participation to this RFI does not in any way bind any party in a potential future call for tenders. Service providers who refrain from participating in this RFI are equally allowed to participate to the potential future call for tenders. Please note that this is document is not a call for tenders. This document serves as a Prior Information Notice. All the information provided in this Prior Information Notice is preliminary and indicative prior information.

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