Mercells market leading e-tendering system makes the tender process more efficient and transparent!

The leading Nordic e-tendering provider

Our SaaS (software as a service) e-tendering system for public buyers is compliant with all EU regulations and adapted to national requirements in each of our seven markets. It is daily in use by almost 3.000 public buyers in the Nordic countries and the Baltics. The system is also very suitable for private companies that want a well-functioning “A-Z” electronic tendering system to get the best quotes from a large number of suppliers connected to the Mercell tender portal. More than 13.000 suppliers globally have an account in Mercell, and  almost 70.000 suppliers has a log in.

Advantages with Mercell e-tendering system:

A more efficient tendering process, requiring less administration

Ensures equal treatment of all your suppliers

Easy access to supplier information

Comprehensive support from Mercell: we assist both you and your suppliers

Easy sharing of information; everything is automatically logged

You get better prices from suppliers who know they are in competition

Access to tens of thousands of competitive suppliers in Northern Europe, in addition to the suppliers you normally send enquiries to

Generates both time and financial savings

Mercell Public e-Tendering system is compliant according to EU Directives

Mercells e-Tendering system (MSS) is used by thousands of public buyers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The MSS system is a web-based SaaS allowing authorities to manage the whole tender process in full compliance with EU Directives and national legislation. The system meets all EU requirements for conducting  an electronic tender process within public sector, and is continuously developed in accordance with the current regulations in the area, as well as national and European best practices in the field.


Mercell Public e-Tendering system is compliant according to EU Directives

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