The Cleaner Sandefjord Fjord project — dredging, disposing and covering polluted seabed.


Open procedure


Sandefjord kommune
Sandefjord kommune/teknisk etat
Pb 2025
3202 Sandefjord

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The objective of the contract is to reduce the negative impacts from environmental poisons in the Sandefjord Fjord seabed. In order to achieve this, the seabed of the Sandefjord Fjord shall be covered with clean masses in an 1.05 km² area, from the inner harbour to the Trangsholmene. Dredging for restricted areas shall be conducted, in order to ensure sufficient sailing depth subsequent to the covering.

The mudred masses shall be disposed at a designated location in the Sandefjord-fjord or can be delivered to other approved disposal sites. The works shall be initiated in the beginning of 2017 and concluded by 30.11.2017. The contract will be implemented as an execution contract. The contractual works will be organised as a general contract.

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