Mapping types of nature in accordance with NiN, including mapping species 2017.


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Erlend Kjeldsberg Hovland
Brattørkaia 15B
7010 Trondheim

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Short description

The procurement has two sub-assignments.

The objective of both sub-assignments is to obtain mapped data on types of nature in accordance with the current version of Nature in Norway (NiN). In addition red listed species and foreign species shall be registered to a limited degree. Nature diversity is divided into types on several levels and scales in NiN: Landscape types (landscape level), types of nature (nature system level) and life medium. Both of the sub-assignments are limited to the nature system level in NiN.

Sub-assignment route mapping (16 packages):

The main aim is to map and document occurrences of nature that are, or can be, types of nature of a national management interest.

Sub-assignment value estimation (3 packages):

The main aim of the value estimation sub-assignment is to test mapping and value estimation of types of nature that are candidates for a new data set called types of nature of national management interest. This data set shall supplement and eventually relieve the data set with important types of nature mapped in accordance with DN hand book 13.

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