Mapping of nature types in accordance with Nature types in Norway (henceforth also referred to as NiN) in 2017.


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Miljødirektoratet [The Norwegian Environment Agency]
Erlend Kjeldsberg Hovland
PB 5672 Sluppen
7485 Trondheim

Short description

The objective of the contract is to obtain nature types data by field mapping adapted to NiN, where the purpose is to obtain a knowledge base for the area management.

The Norwegian Environment Agency professional system for data processing nature types data adapted to NiN, the NiN application shall be used in the mapping works.

The mapping shall be all-covering within 500 x 500 m grids, pre-selected and published as mapping packages.

The selection of the grids for mapping will mainly include areas where endangered nature types are expected, and thereupon focus on pressure areas. The relevant area is outside protected areas. Nature types in freshwater, marine deep-sea areas, marine neritic areas and high arctic terrestrial areas are not included in the mapping assignment.

The range of endangered nature types includes all terrestrial types, except high arctic, nature types on nature system level in the categories Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN) and Critically Endangered (CR), in accordance with the Norwegian Red List for Nature Types from 2011. Near threatened nature types include all nature types on the nature system level in the category Near Threatened (NT).These types shall also be mapped.

Pressure areas are areas with high activities and a major development pressure. Areas affect by changed land use and climatic changes can also be subject to additional focus.

The number of mapping packages, localisations and scope included in sub-assignments will not be ready before the tender documents are submitted in February 2017. The various assignments may be divided between several contractors. The total contract value includes all sub-assignments. Qualification requirements regarding mapping experience with the NiN system will be made.

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