NTNU Campus development — Mapping of activity and work patterns and concept development for spaces.


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NTNU‘s future campus in Trondheim will gather around Gløshaugen.

NTNU assumes that campus will be gathered through a comprehensive development to replace areas which are mainly located at Dragvoll today.

Mapping of activity and work patterns and concept development for areas is included in the Masterplan for the campus in Trondheim, which consists of 3 sub-projects:

— Mapping and concept development for spaces;

— Integrated physical plan;

— Academic localization in a gathered campus.

The assignment will lead to the basis for spatial and functional program for new construction and retrofit of existing buildings. The spatial and functional program will in turn be included in the building program that will set requirements for the finished buildings and grounds. An important part of the assignment will be to exchange knowledge and support of the other 2 sub-projects included in the master plan.

The assignment comprises 2 parts; development of basis for spatial and functional program and project management.

Competition regarding comprehensive physical plan is publicly announced (see https://sourcing.amesto.com/avantra/Customer/trondheim/modules/purchase/published/). In this connection NTNU invites to a supplier conference in Trondheim 28.11.2016, where it is also desirable that the potential participants in the present competition participates. Registration via e-mail kirsti.klokkerhaug@ntnu.no within 22.11.2016.

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