Communication equipment.


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Direktoratet for Samfunnssikkerhet og Beredskap (DSB) [the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection]
Liv Riseth
Rambergveien 9
3115 Tønsberg

Short description

The objective of the Framework agreement is to cover DSB's requirement for communication equipment.

The contract includes:

1. VHF hand-held terminals;

2. VHF vehicle terminals and base stations;

3. Stationary and mobile repeaters;

4. HF base stations and mobile stations;

5. Stationary terminal with WLAN;

6. Satelite and mobile telephony equipment;

7. Support, service, installation and return system, etc.;

8. Other assortment.

The communication equipment shall mainly be delivered to the Norwegian Civil Defence and DSB's international divisions, but call-offs for deliveries to the Customer's other activities may also be relevant. Call-offs on the contracts will depend on the always prevailing requirements and available budget. Consequently the scope of call-offs on the agreement cannot be determined at this point.

Tenders can be submitted for all or parts of the stated assortment in the requirement specifications. The tenderers are not allowed to submit alternative tenders that deviate from the stated minimum requirements given in the requirement specification. Tenderers may nevertheless submit multiple tenders meeting the minimum requirements in the contracting authority's requirement specification.

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