Procurement of detailed zoning, Huken.


Open procedure


Oslo kommune, Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten (EBY) [Oslo municipality, the Agency for Real Estate and Urban Renewal]
Ole Magnus Mostad
Christian kroghs gate 16
0105 Oslo

Closing date has passed.

Short description

1.3 The objective and extent of the procurement

The Agency for the Urban Development has given the Agency for Real Estate and Urban Renewal (EBY) the task of carrying out detailed zoning for the re-use of Huken crushed stone and asphalt works. An assessment shall particularly be made of how the area can be returned to countryside, with facilitation for leisure activities that contribute to good nature, cultural and sports activities.

The municipal plan for the area, adopted 23.9.2015, shows that Huken has been put aside for future green structure in accordance with the Countryside Act § 4. The municipal plan's provision § 12 provides guidance for facilitating experiences, recreation, play and physical activities for the general public in areas put aside for green structure.

The main aim of the planning work for Huken will be to follow-up this overview planning and detailed zoning for making Huken a green structure in accordance with the municipal plan's for the area.

The current crushed stone production within the planning area are based on a rent contract/conciliation contract that expires 31.12.2018. There is a need to develop an after-use situation after the crushed stone production has stopped. There is a need for detailed zoning of the area to facilitate after-use and activities in previous crushed stone facilities.

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