Dialogue Conference 16.11.2016 — Solutions to expand the nursery school capacity at Ellingsøy.


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Ålesund kommune
Jonny Indrevåg
6025 Ålesund

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Ålesund kommune shall find a solution to improve the nursery school capacity at Ellingsøy, as noted in the attached council resolutions, and it is here that the city council requests that the Chief Municipal Executive go to non-binding dialogue with other actors, with the intention of establishing a new nursery school at Ellingsøy as quickly as possible.

The municipality envisages different solutions:

— Private developer/Municipal operation;

— Private developer/Private operation;

— Expansion of the existing private nursery school.

At this dialogue conference, the Contracting Authority wants relevant tenderers to provide information about the different alternatives and get input from the market for the further works.

It is planned that the new or expanded nursery school shall be in operation by 1.8.2019.

The following participants from Ålesund kommune will take part in the dialogue conference:

Bjørn Ivar Rødal — Head of Municipal Affairs for Growth and Culture.

Astrid Ous Larsen — Advisor for Culture and Growth.

Participation from Konserninnkjøp [Group Procurement].

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