2016/7620 ICT equipment, framework agreement.


Open procedure


Skedsmo kommune [Skedsmo municipality]
Ole Henrik Fjeld
Jonas Lies gate 18
2000 Lillestrøm

Short description

The scope and purpose of the procurement

Tender contest for the procurement of ICT equipment for Skedsmo municipality. The agreement applies to Skedmo municipality and is administered by the IT division.

Delivery locations are entities under municipal administration in Skedsmo municipality. Skedsmo municipality shall be considered as one buyer with several delivery locations.

The contract's value is estimated to NOK 15-20 million, excluding VAT per annum. The value is an estimate based on statistics and accounting figures for the procurement of equivalent services for the same buyer group for previous years, as well as future budgets. The value must therefore be considered an estimate and is not binding.

See part 2, requirement specifications, for further information.

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