Transport, reception and treatment of waste, Esval Miljøpark KF in Nes.


Open procedure


Øvre Romerike Innkjøpssamarbeid — ØRIK [Øvre Romerike Procurement Co-operation]
Tove Haarberg
Ullensaker kommune, Fakturamottak, Postboks 487
2051 Jessheim

Short description

ØRIK invites to an open tender contest concerning transport, reception and treatment of 3 waste fractions from Nes municipality.

Esval Miljøpark KF requests safe treatment and disposal of waste in accordance with the authority's prevailing requirements and regulations.

Esval Miljøpark KF would like the fractions subject to recycling shall be used for energy and material recovery in accordance with the authority's prevailing requirements and regulations.

Transport, reception and treatment of three waste fractions:

a. Unsorted residue waste; 1 500 tonnes,

b. Impregnated wood, 250 tonnes

c. mixed wood; 1 300 tonnes,

The opening hours at the pick-up location are from 7:00 — 15:00 Mondays to Fridays

The assignment is described in the specifications annex 3.

The volume will depend on the contracting authorities' budget situation, activities and other framework factors. The historical procurement volume must therefore be seen as a guide.

The supplier is responsible for ensuring that the delivery is in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations, and that the delivery is otherwise in accordance with the order from the user. The tenderer is responsible for their sub providers' services in the same way that they are for their own services.

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