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Stiftelsen Tradebroker will, on behalf of our member companies, invite your company to submit a tender offer on bulk deliveries of fuel and fuel oil in accordance with the wording in the enquiry. Tradebroker currently represents 53 large and medium sized Norwegian companies. For information on Stiftelsen Tradebroker and its members, see: www.tradebroker.no

Tradebroker‘s overall objective is to negotiate framework agreements with 1 to 2 parties in the market, who can cover the member companies' needs for fuel and heating oil in bulk. For some of the members it is relevant to phase in biofuel and bio-oil in the contract period, and is therefore our wish this is offered as an option from those providers who can supply this.

Tradebroker has member companies subject to the Public Procurement Regulations ‘The Supply Regulations‘ PPR 2006-04-07 no. 403. Of these, the following member companies have registered participation in the area, with associated volume for last year:

Avinor AS — approximately 15 500 000 NOK;

Lyse Energi AS — approximately 2 700 000 NOK;

Statnett SF — approximately 300 000 NOK;

Skagerak Energi AS — approximately 15 000 NOK.

Member companies subject to The Supply Regulations will be handed the evaluation documentation/the tenders for the chosen tenderers. Thereafter they will carry out a mini contest.

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