Film Collection 2017-2018.


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Norsk filminstitutt
Mia Lindrup
Dronningensgt 16
0105 Oslo

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NFI has entered into a cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making Norwegian films available on DVD and Blu-ray for use in various non-commercial cultural events abroad. NFI shall produce 150 collection boxes — each with (the same) 8 films, 3 documentary films, 1 archive film and 2 short film collections, a total of 15 discs per collection box. Most of the films will be a minimum of 2 years old. NFI would like to text the films in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Norwegian — and produce the DVDs on PAL and NTSC. The film package shall be a targeted tool in the work of profiling Norwegian film art and film culture at important cultural film arenas abroad and thereby contribute to the development of broad knowledge and expertise and international recognition for Norwegian films. The package shall also contribute to strengthening the possibilities of a sustainable Norwegian film industry.

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