Kilemoen water treatment facility — E41 Electro technical installations.


Open procedure


Ringerike Kommune [Ringerike municipality]
Svein Morten Lillevik Westgård
Osloveien 1 Rådhuset
3511 Hønefoss

Short description

Ringerike municipality has implemented a tender contest for works in connection with the project Kilemoen Water Treatment Facility.

Hønefoss has its water supply from ground water wells at Begna, via Kilemoen, where there currently is an elevated basin with equipment for airing and possibly adding chlorine to the drinking water. The facility at Kilemoen shall be extended with a new process plant as the manganese content has increased, so that the manganese can be removed from the drinking water. New UV installations shall be installed as a part of the process plant and a new clean water basin shall be constructed in addition to the existing one. The project will be carried out with 6 joint contracts. This competition is for E41 Electro technical installations. NS8405 with some changes will be used as the general contract terms.

The procurement consists of the following:

— Main feed pillar with intake and distributions;

— Aggregate for back-up power supply, 250 kW;

— General electrical installations in buildings, with lighting, power sockets etc.;

— Installater work for HVAC, for all equipment in HVAC rooms;

— The electrical installations in the existing buildings are 230 V. The new installations will have their own 400 V transformer. The existing installations shall be changed to 400 V with a separate outlet from the new feed pillar;

— Fire alarm system.

The contract is awarded Askel Installasjon AS.

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