2016-KID-023 Framework agreement for tradesmen services.


Open procedure


Kultur- og idrettsbygg Oslo KF [The Municipal Undertaking for Culture and Sports Facilities Oslo]
Marit Nygaard
Pb 1514 Vika
0117 Oslo

Short description

Framework agreements for tradesman services will be entered into with 3 to 5 tenderers. The tenderers must be able to offer services in all of the disciplines as described below:

— Carpenter services: General maintenance/replacement of doors/windows, floor works, roof/roofing, replace panels on outer walls/walls, insulation of old construction.

— Plumber services: Replace/repair pipes, mixer taps, upgrading of kitchens, bathrooms and other wet rooms, replace seals on water taps, toilets etc., assistance with emergency events, such as water leakages.

— Painter services: All types of painting services, floor laying and wallpapering etc.

— Walls: Upgrading and establishing of wet rooms, tiling, maintenance/cleaning of facades, various other work.

— Flashing and guttering; Upgrading of roof and flashing and guttering works.

The list is not exhausting in regard to assignments.

The framework agreement will have a duration of 1 year.

The Contracting Authority has an option on a 1-year extension on verbatim terms.

The expected value of the contract is 25 000 000 NOK to 35 000 000 NOK excluding VAT per year. The expected value is an estimate and is non-binding for the Contracting Authority. NB: The needs and volume used will depend on political guidelines and grants. The estimated volume in the contract period can vary both positively and negatively.

The assignment concerns tradesman services on the properties. Concerns maintenance and service, as well as projects of varying sizes. The agreement is defined against the existing agreement for janitor services, which concerns the daily operation of the property, including annual controls, service assignments and duty telephone with emphasis on rush assignments.

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