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Registration of user
When a company registers with Mercell, the company must provide correct name, address, phone number and other information which is needed. Accounts which hold false information will be closed without warning. None of the information that the company has given will be used outside of Mercell. Nor will the information be sold or passed on to other parties. Mercell reserves the right to give information about registered members to public authorities, i.e. the police or other authority if required.
Products and services
It is illegal to buy or sell stolen goods, pornographic objects, piracy goods, alcohol and tobacco or other objects that otherwise break the Norwegian law. Such inquiries or quotes will be removed without warning and whoever is concerned risk both exclusion and being reported to the police. Mercell reserves the right to delete any inquiry or quote published on Mercell's web-pages. Mercell also reserves the right to exclude users who act in an unserious manner or break one or more of the quotation- or auction-rules, or normal 'common practice'. If you have question, please contact support on support@mercell.com.

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