Co-operating partners

Dun & Bradstreet

Mercell offer accounting information from Dun & Breadstreet to our customers.

For purchasers we offer Accounting Information ( basic) and Credit Report (large).

  • The Accounting Information is designed for buyers who want online access to key accounting information for suppliers. The information is available for all Nordic companies.
  • The Credit Report is designed for buyers who want online access to full credit reports for suppliers in our electronic procurement tool. Information is available for Nordic suppliers.


For Suppliers we offer 3 products.

  • Company Report 6 months:
    The purchasers often requires that the supplier provides credit report. Mercell has through a partnership with Solididet, designed a service that allows you as a supplier to order this report through Mercell. The report is available in PDF format and placed on the supplier's file directory in Mercell, and makes it easily to attach to offers provided by Mercell. In addition, the report can be printed and delivered in a bound format by post.
  • Company Report subscription:
    Mercell also offer this report as a subscription service, which means that the Company Facts report is updated automatically every 6'th month or when needed.
  • Live Logo:
    Live logo is the product to any company with positive rating should have on their web site. This is a great opportunity to show the buyer that your company is credit worthy. The logo is "alive", and it changes automatically when credit rating changes.



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