Who is Mercell?

Mercell - Your tendering partner in professional market (B2B)

Mercell is Northern Europe’s leading meeting place for buyers and suppliers. Suppliers in all industries find the contracts they are looking for, from companies in both private and public sectors. Our buyers’ contracts are the object of competition between market’s best suppliers, and we make it easy for buyers to come into contact with these suppliers.


Electronic Procurement tool

A more efficient tendering process, requiring less administration

Mercell Sourcing Service (MSS) - makes the procurement process better, easier and safer! The tool assures quality throughout the quotation process and is used today by more than 1500 buyers in Northern -Europe.

MSS give you access to over 13,000 competitive suppliers in Northern Europe, in addition to the suppliers you normally send enquiries and generates both time saving and financial savings.

e-procurement in Europe

E-procurement can significantly simplify matters for companies, especially SMEs, by increasing the transparency of and access to tender opportunities and by reducing the costs of participating in a tender (reduce postal costs, less printing, etc.). Experience in the EU and beyond shows that the use of e-procurement has increased the participation of SMEs in public procurement procedures.

The European Commission has in its ambitious plan chosen to prioritise the implementation of e-tendering and the digitalisation of the tender and procurement processes.  The Commission has therefore proposed to make e-procurement rule rather than exception, by making it standard method of procurement in the EU by mid 2016.

Monitoring Scandinavian tenders!

Mercell Tender Service (MTS) – finds the contracts you are looking for!
MTS is an Internet-based service which simply and efficiently notifies you via e-mail regrading tenders and enquiries that match your profile.

Mercell notifies you with tenders from several well-known private companies of all sizes and the public sector both above and below national threshold values.

Do you take the risk to miss important contracts which is not published in the public announcements?

Tender process according to PEPPOL standards

Communicate with other European solutions

The Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project has been developing and implementing the technology standards to align business processes for electronic procurement across all governments within Europe, aiming to expand market connectivity and interoperability between e-procurement communities.

Mercell products support the tender process according to PEPPOL standards and allow you to communicate with other European solutions that conform to the standard.

Mercell Holding AS

Part of the Mercell Group, one of Europe’s leading providers of e-tendering platform and information between buyers and suppliers in the professional market.

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