Procurement of exchange and customer centre services for the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (DSS/SSiE).


Open procedure


Departementenes sikkerhets- og serviceorganisasjon, DSS [The Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation]
Lage Trangsrud
Pb 8129 Dep
0032 Oslo

Short description

DSS/SSiE requests exchange and customer centre services that shall support DSS/SSiE's services to customers (hereafter called Entities).

The Entities request good service and availability. Inhabitants, businesses and public entities can ring the Entities on their main number and, with the help of DSS/SSiE's customer service representatives, find the correct service or person.

Inhabitants, businesses and public entities can continue to ring directly to a person or body in the Entities if the know the direct number. If a caller does not know where to direct an enquiry, DSS/SSiE will be able to offer to help them find out where to go. The customer service representatives at DSS/SSSiE shall be able to put the call through to the correct body and also actively participate in services connected to call management (handling absence, no replies and engaged).

When the contract is commissioned, DSS/SSiE shall be able to offer telephone based services, email and SMS, but the service must be expandable to support other channels such as web forms, chat etc.

DSS/SSiE currently has 21 manlabour years connected to the service for the Entities. These will provide exchange services to public entities (the centre's customers). DSS/SSiE currently has 27 entities (13 customers) with a total of approx. 14 000 employees.

DSS/SSiE would like to develop both services and the customer basis further and will actively work on this throughout the contract period.

The total traffic volume of the exchanges for the entities is, per February 2016, estimated to approx. 700 000 calls per annum.

The service spectrum is expected to be developed to cover more traditional incoming call centre/contract centre services, such as receiving orders etc., by entities finding it attractive to outsource these services to SSiE. Furthermore, new communication services, such as chat, are expected to be developed.

The customer service representatives shall use support systems. Tenderers shall, therefore, offer a call-handler support system with a catalogue and absence support, including interface with and updating processes from DSS/SSiE's customers. In addition, the centre will need integration with, for example, ordering systems as and when DSS/SSiE's service spectrum develops. Which systems this applies to will only be apparent when DSS/SSiE get such assignments. The aim of this enquiry is to procure the necessary functional services so that DSS/SSiE shall be able to provide services to its customers. Emphasis is put on the fact that the functionality is expected to be provided as a service delivery with an accompanying SLA.

For further description see annex 1 of the contract (the contracting authority's description of the assignment).

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