EØS 038-2016 Streaming town council meetings, Bergen municipality.


Open procedure


Bergen Kommune [Bergen municipality]
Laila Hope
Rådhusgt. 10
5020 Bergen

Short description

The town council would like to give inhabitants, businesses, organisations, media, politicians and employees access to direct transmissions and historical recordings from town council meetings on the internet.

The town council meetings must be covered by several audio and picture sources, different cameras and microphones, which cover different areas, including sign language interpreters, podium and chamber. The audio and pictures from the different sources are to be mixed to one video stream that is to be distributed on the internet.

It shall be easy to find specific clips in previous recordings and have easy access to related documents for the different clips. The town council is looking for a broad distribution of the recordings and would therefore like to facilitate users of the system being able to share all or parts of a clip in social media and other channels.

The transmissions and recordings shall be of good quality as regards picture and audio and they must give a good experience for viewers.

Questions will not be answered before week 31 due to staff holidays.

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