Electric Power-Portfolio Management.


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Stiftelsen Tradebroker
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Stiftelsen Tradebroker have on behalf of our member companies, completed a tender offer on Electric Power-Portfolio Management in accordance with the wording in the enquiry. Tradebroker currently represents 53 large and medium sized Norwegian companies. For information on Stiftelsen Tradebroker and its members, see: www.tradebroker.no

Tradebroker‘s overall objective was to negotiate framework agreements with 1 to 2 parties in the market, who could cover the member companies' needs for Electric Power-Portfolio Management.

Tradebroker has member companies subject to the Public Procurement Regulations “The Supply Regulations” PPR 2006-04-07 no. 403. Of these, the following member companies have registered participation in the area, with associated volume for last year:

STATNETT SF — approximately 4.5 M NOK.

Member companies subject to The Supply Regulations will be handed the evaluation documentation/the tenders for the chosen tenderers. Thereafter they will carry out a mini contest based on the original contest’s award criteria. The result of this contest will decide which tenderer is the preferred tenderer for the relevant member company.

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