Hell-Værnes, T2 Technical control body (TSI) and assessor.


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Jernbaneverket [The Norwegian National Rail Administration] Jernbaneverket [The Norwegian National Rail Administration]
Elin Wist
Postboks 4350
2308 Hamar

Short description

1.Technical supervisory body:

The interconnection regulations (regulations from 16.6.2010 no 820 on the interconnection ability in the railway system) have requirements regarding the preparation of an EF-declaration on conformity and suitability for use and the EF-certificate for part systems on the national railway network. The requirements are set in the technical specifications for the interconnection ability (TSI).

Jernbaneverket would like tenders for EF-verification for requirements in TSI interconnection ability for the following TSIs:

— TSI management, control and signal in the trans European railway system for conventional trains and in accordance with the resolutions;

— TSI persons with reduced mobility in the trans European railway system for conventional trains and high speed trains and in accordance with resolution 2008/164/EC;

— TSI infrastructure for conventional railways in accordance with the commission resolution 2011/275/EU;

— TSI-energy for conventional railways.

The assignment includes all work with preparing and presenting the necessary documentation in order to certify that the part systems are in accordance with the given TSIs and in accordance with the other provisions, in accordance with the interconnection regulations. Verification of the part systems shall be carried out in accordance with module SG in accordance with decision 2010/713/EU under directive 2008/57/EF.

The certificates for EF-verification shall be used in the documentation for the projects' applications for permission to use the part system infrastructure for the project.

It is a prerequisite for the project that the tenderer and Jernbaneverket Infrastrukturprosjekter communicate in Norwegian (Swedish or Danish), both in writing and orally, in meetings and on-site. All documentation that Jernbanemerket Infrastruktur makes available as a part of the documentation for the EF-conformity assessment is to be in Norwegian. All documentation from the tenderer that is a part of the delivery to Jernbaneverket Infrastruktur shall be in Norwegian (or Swedish or Danish).

2. Assessor (ISA).

Jernbaneverket Infrastrukturprosjekter would like tenders for the provision of independent assessor services in accordance with EN 50129.

The independent assessor shall carry out assessments on the basis of the requirements in EN 50129. The assessments shall constitute an independent additional insurance that a sufficient level of safety has been achieved. The assessor shall carry out an independent safety assessment of the part systems and safety case.

The assessor shall submit a report that will form the basis of the application to Statens Jernbanetilsyn for permission to use structural part systems. The assessor report shall given an assessment and a recommendation on whether there are sufficient and necessary requirements for the systems and whether these requirements are fulfilled.

3. Assessing unit (OPTION).

The assessing unit shall assess the risk management in the project and whether the risk management has been in accordance with a joint safety method for risk assessment (CSM-RA).

In accordance with the CSM-RA, the assessing unit shall let the initiative taker have a safety assessment report that SJT shall take into consideration for the authority's decision to approve the use of the part systems.

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