Radiology consumables.


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Helse Vest RHF
Ragnhild Fanebust
Postboks 303 Forus
4066 Stavanger

Short description

The contracting authority would like to enter into a framework agreement for consumables for radiological procedures.

The products are divided into the following main areas, with sub areas

— Products for vascular intervention

- Inserting and closing

- Catheters

- Guidewires

- Balloons

- Stents

- Products for embolization

— Products for neuro intervention — Bergen and Stavanger

— Products for procedures within thorax/gastro/urology/drainage

Tenders can be submitted for one or several sub tenders.

The products are divided into 64 sub tenders.

A framework agreement will be signed with at least three tenderers provided that there are a sufficient number of suitable tenderers and tenders for each sub tender.

The maximum number of suppliers is eight per sub tender, cf. part II point 1.4)

The maximum number of suppliers/vendors in total for all the partial deliveries is estimated to be 16-18.

The estimated total value of the call-offs during the entire framework agreement applies for all the sub deliveries together.

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