PEPPOL standards

The PEPPOL process covered by Mercell

The PEPPOL process covered by Mercell

The Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project has been developing and implementing the technology standards to align business processes for electronic procurement across all governments within Europe, aiming to expand market connectivity and interoperability between eProcurement communities.

Mercell have participated in the project and support the public tender process according to PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specification profile 12a-eCatalogues as part of a Tender and eSignature, with:

  • eSourcing

* Use Mercell “Supply On Demand” function to source for Economic operators or solutions. Mercell has one of the best categorized “Supply On Demand” databases in Europe with more than 40 000 categorized suppliers (CPV).

  • eNotice

* Use Mercell’s solution to publish Contract Notices directly to OJ (TED) or to your short list suppliers below threshold value. To have only one interface is a relief.

  • eTendering

* The Mercell solution supports the Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC.  

* Supports all the procedures in the EU directive.  

* Use Mercell’s solution to conduct the eTenders process for contracting authorities and economic operator in an optimized matter with respect to quality assurance and time saving.

* eCatalogue to submit offers concerning goods and services in a standardized format (web/Excel/XML).

* eSignatures based on electronic certificates issued by authorities (Peppol WP1 compatible).

  • eAwarding

* Establish Post-award eCatalogue document (Excel/XML) to transfer to eCatalogue solutions.

* Copy the award information on the eTender to the award notice and send the award notice directly to OJ (TED).

  • eAuction

* Mercell supports several types of eAuctions.  

  • eContract

* eCollaborative solution for the contracting authorities to administrate the contract or  frame agreement with the  supplier during the contract phase.

* Communication module with full traceability.  

* Alerts on dates and milestones. 

* Share documents with suppliers and internally. 

* Publish to intranet solutions. 

* eContract will be based upon the eTender and a contract based upon existing contract template automatically.

* eSign your contracts with the suppliers. 

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