Digital Preservation and Asset Management System (SaaS)


01 - Prior information notice
15.06.2021 09:28 (GMT+02:00)


Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö sr Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö sr
Emma Kaukonen Emma Kaukonen
PO Box 11000
00076 Aalto

Short description

This is a request for information. This document is not a prior information notice, a procurement notice, a contract notice or an Invitation to Tender. The purpose of the publication of this request for information is not to start a tendering process. This is a request for information submitted as part of a preliminary study and a market survey. Aalto University is seeking a new repository system that performs as a digital preservation and asset management system for digital content born from activities of the university. The system is abbreviated as DPS/Media repository in the documentation and attachments. The system provides capabilities for managing the life-cycle of and access to digital content with high automation and capacity for integration with key learning, creative practice and research output processes. The ideal solution provides digital preservation, metadata and access management to standards, secure storage, flexible ingest processes from the key output processes, easy integrations and user-friendly public access. The new system and related processes will be managed by the Aalto University Records Management and Archive Services in cooperation with University IT Solutions for Research. Aalto University Archives is responsible for the long-term preservation, digitisation and information services of the University’s outputs and heritage. The archive collection dating from 1848 to present day contains approx. 2 km of long-term preservation materials, 1 000 000 images and more than 200 000 digitised images. A more detailed description of the preservation and asset management system and Aalto's requirements can be requested by email from no later than on 25 June 2021 at 14.00 (UTC +03.00). The message should be marked as ‘Request for material: digital preservation and asset management system’. This request for information does not oblige Aalto University to carry out a tendering process. Any decisions about the procurement, manner of procurement, timetable and the content of the invitation to tender will be made after the examination. Reply or lack of reply to this request for information will not affect the tenderers' chances to submit tenders in any procurement procedure. This request for information is not binding on any of the parties involved. The replies to this request for information and other information attached to them are not public and they will not be disclosed to third parties. The tenderer should nevertheless mark sections containing business or trade secrets as 'Business/trade secret' or ‘confidential’. Companies interested in the matter are requested to send a description of their solution and how it meets Aalto's requirements. The answers must be submitted no later than on 2 August 2021 at 14.00 (UTC +03.00) by e-mail. The message should be marked as 'Answer: digital preservation and asset management system’ and sent to: and The questions and answers may be submitted in Finnish or English. E-mail messages must not contain more than 10 attachment files per message. The message size, including attachment files, must not exceed 10 MB. If you need more information before sending your answers, please contact: 14 June 2021-25 June 2021 Emma Kaukonen, email: And 25 June 2021-2 August 2021 Aalto University Archives, email: (between 26 June 2021-2 August 2021).

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