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Product sheet MSS

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Mercell Sourcing Service (MSS)

Mercell Sourcing Service (MSS) - makes the procurement process better, easier and safer!
Mercell Sourcing Service (MSS) is an electronic purchasing tool, which focused on the procurement of inquiries. MSS is easy to use for both purchaser and supplier and the only requirement is access to internet as well as an e-mail account.
The purchaser can log on via web (Mercell) and find a summary of their own database of suppliers, framework agreements, previous purchases, communication with the suppliers, etc. Inquiries are specified by productlines or information send to the purchaser's own suppliers or suppliers from Mercell Tender Service (MTS) who will have the possibility to log on to see the inquiry and its information.
First step for the supplier is to decide whether they would like to make a quote on the inquiry and the purchaser will always have an updated summary of which suppliers might make a quotation. Making a quote also happens electronically, where the price is entered into the relevant product lines or in an attachment. This gives the supplier the opportunity to expand on the quote or new suppliers the opportunity to profile itself to the purchaser.
When questions to inquiry arises during the process, the purchaser and suppliers will naturally have the opportunity to communicate via communication module.
Why use MSS?

  • A more efficient tendering process, requiring less administration
  • Ensures equal treatment of all your suppliers
  • A quality-assured and more professional procurement function
  • Easy of access to supplier information
  • Comprehensive support from Mercell: we assist both you and your suppliers
  • Easy sharing of information; everything is automatically logged
  • Better prices from suppliers who know they are in competition
  • Access to over 13,000 competitive suppliers in Northern Europe, in addition to the suppliers you normally send enquiries to.
  • Generates both time saving and financial savings.



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