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References - Mercell Tender Service - Mercell

Solidal – Condutores Elèctricos,S.A, Jorge Quintas Serrano, Board advisor.


One of the major forces a company must have is, with no doubts, a deep knowledge of what the market is looking for.

Nowadays, we are not able to guess this information. We must have the correct support to do it effectively.

We must know how to get this, and in an easy way, we must be able to work with these tools.

Mercell´s Tendering (alert) System (MTS) is a complete tool for this.  My first task every morning is to watch the emails and forward internally the tender information to our account managers. If we don´t proceed like this, for sure we will lose several opportunities.

Tendering alert from Mercell will give you an easy way to keep an eye, every day, on business data like this.  It is easy, simple and quick.



Solidal – Condutores Elèctricos,S.A
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